Iron-On Labels | 50 Pack


Iron-On Clothing Labels 

These durable labels and bracelet clearly display the Toll-Free Nationwide Recovery Hotline phone number. In case of any emergency, immediate, accurate and anonymous identification of YOUR loved one instantly ensuring 24hrs per day by the use of a unique individual code number which appears on each of their ID labels.

How It Works

Once you've received your 50 pack of labels - iron them onto the outside of clothing and outerwear so they are easy to locate. If a loved one gets lost, or can't find their way home - by-standards can easily locate the ID label, call the toll-free number and provider the operator with the unique ID code. Your loved one will be home safe and sound in no time. 

Please Note - Our Toll-Free Number Has Changed to 1-877-303-1883
Please Note - Our Toll-Free Number Has Changed to 1-877-303-1883

5 Free Weather Proof Bike Labels

With every purchase of our 50 pack of iron-on clothing labels, you will receive 5 FREE weather-proof peel and stick bike labels. Attach a label to your bike (or other valuable belongings), and you can guarantee it will be recovered and returned to you within no time.

We have recovered many lost and stolen bikes over the years!